Andrew Thornton

Austin 311 Call Volume

June 28, 2016

In this visualization, I take a look at the Travis county 311 call system data for Austin proper in 2014. This is an interactive visualization that allows you to make your own discoveries about the data. You can click on a district or category bar to filter the visualization by either one. You can also click and drag on the the time graph to filter the visualization based on a time interval. To clear a filter, simply click in the graph's respective whitespace.

Some suggested take-aways that I noticed, loose dogs seem to be more of an issue in the Eastern districts, whereas traffic signal problems are more prevalent in the Western districts. In addition, filtering on the spike seen in late September (the storms/flash floods), show a lot of traffic light issues and loose dogs county-wide. Presumably from the severe storms.

Please explore the data yourself, and leave any comments or suggestions on reddit.