Andrew Thornton

Austin Weather

June 28, 2016

This visualization takes a look at the weather for every hour of 2014 in Austin, TX. The data comes from the excellent API. I mainly did this one for fun. I am sure this data could be presented in ways that would allow for a much deeper analysis, and I may very well try some of them. But honestly, I just like the way this looks!

Each square represents one hour of the day. The data starts at January 1, 2014 in the top left corner, and ends at December 31, 2014 in the bottom right corner. Each row represents 5 total days. Switch the parameter to Hour of the Day to get a better idea of how it is divided.

While this may not be the best visualization for deep data exploration, I think it highlights some nice, albeit rather unsurprising trends. It is easy to see that the temperature rises in midday, as well as in the summer months. It shows rather well that wind speeds have no real trend at all. It also does a great job of showing that we are in fact in a drought when you select precipitation.

I like the look of this so much, I just might turn one into a poster and hang it on my wall! Not the precipitation one though, that's just depressing.